NFP Mission

At its core the Non-Fungible Porn (NFP) community mission is to support, evangelize, and advocate for artists who are taking the leap into sex positive content creation on the blockchain. Whether a graffiti writer, a chef, or a sex worker we look at anyone who takes passion and pride in their work as an artist. This community of trailblazers are reshaping the way all pornographic content will be distributed in the future.

As the future of art and creativity evolves into a technologically infused world we know that building a diverse and inclusive community across all aspects will be necessary. We in the NFP community look to help create a safe space for the creation and distribution of sex positive art. The NFP community remains committed to an equitable and safe world where all people have the opportunity to live their truth in peace, safety, with equitable opportunities for all. We look to be among the leaders of the sex positive community in the tech space.

As we look to the future we hope to reshape the concept of “NSFW” to be something that no longer declares the artistic expression of sexuality and things along those lines as “unsafe” for consenting adults. Our community believes the world of sex positive art can encompass a multitude of concepts including humor, transcendence, and danger but most importantly all works must contain trust and consent.

The NFP community is a sex positive space which is inclusive of sex work of all varieties. Racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, and ableism will not be tolerated.